How we do it

Our People


Our Crew 

LSR believes in employing quality, caring people. Our year round crew has been working these vines for over 15 years. They work hard to provide the best wine grapes consistently year in and year out. 

Owner Colin Morrell 

earned a degree in Horticulture from Washington State University 1985. He has worked in the wine and winegrape business as a manager, consultant, and Director of Viticulture for 25 years. Colin served on the WAWGG Board of Directors for nine years as well as on many other industry committees throughout his career. 

WSU Ag Weather Net


We are fortunate to have a WSU weather station on our site. If you would like to view the current conditions on our site, follow this link and click on Benton City West

Management Practices


Our approach is to manage each year independently. Using efficiency and sustainability tactics to ensure quality no matter what mother nature has in store. 



The key objective of Vinewise is to manage vineyards to the highest possible standards. Growers follow a year-round process to meet strict production, maintenance and sustainability requirements.

Essential to this is LSR Manager, Sam Mosman. Sam and our crew work diligently to return the highest quality winegrapes for winemakers across the country. Vinewise is a sustainable and quality driven management program with the goal of continual improvement with healthy soil, water and vines.



We use equipment that not only is more economical, but it also allows us to reduce our environmental impact.



We know your success depends on great fruit. We dedicate ourselves to providing the best wine grapes for every vintage.